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    Our vision

    A world where blockchain is used to give everyone a chance to live a better life.

    There has never been a moment in history like today, when mankind and our planet are standing at a crossroads. Now, more than ever, do we need to choose wisely and change bravely. Past generations believed in sacrificing today's happiness for a better tomorrow. But we believe in the potential of today, and that we can create a better world right now with the power of blockchain.

    Our mission

    To redefine the way we live, reset what we value, and redesign our planet.

    Ekta exists to bridge the digital blockchain world with the world we live in, and create value in both. By developing economic policies that are rooted in empathy rather than greed, Ekta will build a society that is guided by humanity and altruism as its core principles. With a focus on sustainability, Ekta will drive the development of projects relating to blockchain, natural capital conservation, cleantech, wise tech, ocean startups, alternative medicines, permaculture and aquaponics.

    Ekta origins

    Ekta origins

    Ekta is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. It's here that our founding team met and realized we had a shared vision - to change the broken systems currently prevalent in the world we live in.

    In the world, as we know it, the basic flow of capital from one half of the equation to the other is inefficient and littered with inequalities. Outdated economic policies from corporations, financial institutions, and governments have negatively impacted both our natural world and society at large, contributing to the mismanagement and depletion of natural resources as well as the rise of unemployment, debt, and poverty.

    That's why we created Ekta. With blockchain, we have the power and resources to change the world. When blockchain technology is paired with a purpose-driven vision, it can be as disruptive as decentralizing financial systems. By eliminating centralized governing systems and bringing people from different backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances together in one ecosystem, we can eliminate the mindset of scarcity, and provide everyone with the opportunity to build a better life for themselves as well as help create profit with purpose through the tokenization of natural capital and property.

    Ekta is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, independant thinkers, and conscious capital. Our communities believe that blockchain has the power to disrupt the prevalent systems, creating a new world where people can breathe again, trees and clean water can be revalued as the vital assets they are, and our world can heal.

    By creating the conditions where profit is paired with purpose, we can empower everyone to have a chance to live better lives.

    Our team

  • Berwin Tanco

    Berwin specializes in developing companies and ventures to unlock their true value and potential. After a successful career in the US and China, Berwin started Equilibria Capital, a property development company in Indonesia. Ekta is the result of his background and the 12 years he has spent in Indonesia.

  • Yog Shrusti

    A leading technopreneur in the Middle East with 25 years of experience in information technology and digital media, Yog brings a unique combination of business acumen, technical know-how, and online strategy to the Ekta team.

  • Jason Zheng

    With his rich experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and PR, Jason brings in-depth industry knowledge to the Ekta team, helping to provide entrepreneurs with better access to the 4C’s (coaching, connections, capital, and channels).

  • Alex Shapiro

    Alex specializes in financial software development, engineering, and delivery. His enthusiasm for problem-solving and challenges is what attracted him to Ekta, where he believes his in-depth understanding of the financial world is a valuable asset to help drive change.

  • Malindi Strydom

    Malindi has an extensive background in marketing, copy, and content writing for fast-growing global brands. Her years of content creation and digital marketing experience make her a valuable addition to the Ekta team.

  • Daniel Sloan
    Technical Advisor

    Over his 26-year career in the Information Technology industry, Daniel has built multiple businesses along with co-founding Future Tech. A recognized leader in blockchain cryptocurrency and with his passion for early-stage tech startups, Daniel has worked with over 100 startups as either an investor, advisor or software developer.

  • Matthew Stroul
    Interim CTO

    Matthews 36-year career has been focused on helping people solve business and technical problems. His approach blends business analysis, project management, and technical service delivery facilitated through organizational change and IT service delivery management. In recent years, Matthew has been involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects developing extensive insight into the industry.

  • Arhan Kundu
    Tech Project Coordinator

    Arhans highly specialized skill set helps him connect clients with project teams in a meaningful way, addressing and identifying all business needs. By approaching projects from an objective and factual point of view, Arhan facilitates the development of each task with clarity and agility.

  • Florian Bohnert

    Florian is the former CMO of EMURGO and with over 11 years of experience developing purpose-driven projects across Asia. Florian witnessed first-hand how a decentralized financial infrastructure can benefit people, and now brings these valuable insights to the Ekta team.

  • Zach Soileau

    Zach is a crypto growth marketing expert with vast experience in building DeFi and NFT communities. The former global social media and product marketing manager at EMURGO, Zach’s has a far-reaching knowledge of all fin-tech-related topics.

  • Mirko Basil

    A veteran pro gamer and the founder of the Unix Gaming foundation, Mirkos specialized expertise serves as an insightful guide to the Ekta team. By founding The Unix Gaming Foundation on the play-to-earn concept, Mirko strives to improve peoples lives through the power of gaming.

  • Anri Davis

    Anri brings nearly 10 years of experience in online marketing to the Ekta team. Having worked as the lead marketeer on crypto projects to the worth of $500 million, Anris knowledge is an inexhaustible asset to the Ekta Team.

  • Sven Milder

    Sven is a serial exit startup entrepreneur, investor, venture builder & real-estate developer. Currently, as Founder Of Pitch House, he and his team has guided dozens of businesses to raise over $65 million. As a partnership value specialist, he will drive collaborations with Real Estate, Startups, NFT & Gaming to the Ekta Platform.

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    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!

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