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  • Smart contract mining

    Traditional cryptocurrency mining has relied on dedicated machines powered by CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs. In keeping with our ethos of sustainability, Ekta is committed to power-efficient mining technologies like smart contract mining. This process allows anyone to participate in sustainable mining without adding to the energy burden on your local grid while being rewarded with the mining service with $EKTA.

  • NFT
    Fractional tokenization

    Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are most notably used to tokenize art and digital creations. But with Ekta’s specialized platforms and infrastructure, we’re equipped to unlock the full potential of NFTs by connecting them with physical assets such as real estate. In addition, fractional tokenization allows Ekta to democratize access to NFTs, enabling more people to participate while also introducing new liquidity channels for developers.

  • Decentralized lending

    Ekta introduces decentralized lending opportunities to everyday people, not just crypto-savvy investors. Through this system, both private and public participants can access investment opportunities governed by smart contracts - granting increased growth of capital for all parties. Unlike other decentralized loan systems, Ekta is looking to work directly with corporations whose employees and borrower s will not need to put up collateral to access capital within their line of credit.

  • Decentralized exchange

    Decentralized exchanges (DEX) facilitate direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions without a central authority. From orderbook platforms to swap exchanges, DeFi platforms have been experiencing a boom. Ekta brings you the next generation of DEX. Not only does the platform facilitate the exchange of digital assets, but it also connects physical assets through tokenization and NFTs.

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    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

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    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!

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