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    Total tokens ($EKTA): 210,000,000 supply (max)
    Allocation Type Token Amount %
    Team & Advisors 4,200,000 2%
    Reserve 3,150,000 1.5%
    Foundation 3,150,000 1.5%
    Token Sale 21 ,000,000 10%
  • Team and advisors
    These tokens are allocated to founding and non-founding members of Ekta.
  • Reserve
    These tokens will be used for the long term development of Ekta Eco-system.
  • Foundation
    These tokens will be used for social benefit such as donations to public interest organizations or non-profit organizations.
  • Token sale
    These tokens are reserved for sale.
  • Token circulation

    All the remaining $EKTA will be mined out over the next 4 years by staking $EKTA through our Automated Staking Reward System. Here's how it works:

  • At launch, the IDO only releases 15% of $EKTA's total supply into the market.
  • The remaining 85% of tokens are released as staking rewards, and will gradually enter circulation over time.
  • It pays (literally) to stake and hold $EKTA.



    >4-Year token circulation schedule


  • $EKTA

    Ekta Token is designated $EKTA on decentralized exchanges and is the main token of the Ekta ecosystem. By staking $EKTA, users can mine for more $EKTA. By holding $EKTA, users become part of the entire Ekta ecosystem.

    Whitelist for IDO
  • Petals NFT

    Petals NFT tokens represent real world assets such as real estate that can be fractionalized to increase access for anyone to participate. Get Petals NFT through the NFT System developed on Ekta.

    Coming soon, join our Telegram to keep up to date.
  • Tip

    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!


    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!

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