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  • Land development

    Ekta’s first physical spaces are located on and near Bali Indonesia, where we aim to develop and tokenize land and real estate to bring on-chain, including residential villas, an incubator for startups and entrepreneurs, and 285 berths on a Marina (1 of 10 given in Indonesia). These real-world assets are fractionally tokenized, bought, sold, and auctioned through the Ekta NFT Marketplace.

  • Community development

    Ekta empowers a thriving ecosystem of communities, which include investors, entrepreneurs, public companies, employees, islanders, and influencers. Each of these communities play vital roles within the Ekta ecosystem, providing unique contributions that power Ekta's growth and ensures the continued development of local economies and startup projects.

  • Startup incubator

    Ekta's startup incubator supports the development of startups and entrepreneurs that are funded and coached by experienced business professionals, investors, and venture capitalists associated with Ekta. The incubator gives entrepreneurs access to capital and resources to support the development of each project, guiding them through the complexities of early-stage development.

  • Real estate

    Ekta makes real-world assets such as property more accessible through tokenization and NFTs, connecting entrepreneurs and everyday people with instant and secure access. Features like fractional NFT reduce barriers to entry for people worldwide.

  • Natural capital

    Natural capital refers to the wealth of resources that make up our natural world, including water, air, soil, habitats, and ecosystems—essentially, all resources necessary for sustaining life. Investing in natural capital helps guarantee sustainable, eco-friendly use of our world’s natural resources. Ekta unlocks the true value of natural capital through tokenization, making it easier for people everywhere to invest and earn while promoting sustainable development.

  • Public sector

    Many societies suffer from archaic management systems that are cumbersome and expensive to maintain while posing obvious security risks. For many, the simple task of paying a utility bill is an arduous chore. Ekta provides solutions that can secure personal data, drastically increase efficiency, and build trust through transparency and accountability.

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    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

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    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!

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